Budapeszt na liście World’s most livable city

Budapeszt zajął 50 miejsce na światowej liście most livable city. Jednak to zestawienie wzbudza kontrowersje (nawet samych mieszkańców), pojawia się zatem pytanie o metodologię ankiety. Pełne szczegóły są niestety płatne – oto krótkie podsumowanie podane przez autorów, czyli  Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU):

With Vancouver slipping down the ranking slightly in 2011, Melbourne remains the most liveable location of the 140 cities surveyed, followed by the Austrian capital, Vienna. In fact, there has been no change among the top tier. The score and ranking of the top 65 cities remain identical to six months ago. This may primarily reflect renewed stability as some economies begin to recover from the global economic crisis of a few years ago, although the continuing crisis in the euro zone and tighter fiscal budgets may have also slowed planned improvements, meaning that scores have remained static rather than moving up or down.

The Liveability Ranking and Overview assesses living conditions in 140 cities around the world. A rating of relative comfort for 30 indicators is assigned across five broad categories: stability; healthcare; culture and environment; education; and infrastructure. The survey gives an overall rating of 0-100, where 1 is intolerable and 100 is ideal.

Top 50 most livable cities – pełna lista:

1. Melbourne, Australia

2. Vienna, Austria

3. Vancouver, Canada

4. Toronto, Canada

=5. Calgary, Canada

=5. Adelaide, Australia

7. Sydney, Australia

8. Helsinki, Finland

9. Perth, Australia

10. Auckland, New Zealand

11. Zurich, Switzerland

=12. Geneva, Switzerland

=12. Osaka, Japan

=14. Stockholm, Sweden

=14. Hamburg, Germany

=16. Montreal, Canada

=16. Paris, France

=18. Tokyo, Japan

=18. Frankfurt, Germany

20. Brisbane, Australia

21. Berlin, Germany

=22. Copenhagen, Denmark

=22. Wellington, New Zealand

24. Oslo, Norway

25. Luxembourg, Luxembourg

=26. Amsterdam, Netherlands

=26. Honolulu, United States

28. Brussels, Belgium

29. Munich, Germany

30. Pittsburgh, United States

31. Hong Kong, China

32. Dusseldorf, Germany

33. Lyon, France

=34. Barcelona, Spain

=34. Washington D.C., United States

=36. Chicago, United States

=36. Atlanta, United States

=36. Miami, United States

39. Madrid, Spain

40. Detroit, United States

41. Boston, United States

42. Seattle, United States

=43. Minneapolis, United States

=43. Los Angeles, United States

45. Cleveland, United States

=46. Dublin, Ireland

=46. Houston, United States

=46. Milan, Italy

49. Rome, Italy

50. Budapest, Hungary