Translation, literary translation, proofreading

A standard calculation page contains 1800 characters, including spaces. As the translation’s cost depends on the language pair, the target language, specialization of the text, its amount, file type and expected deadline, the precise price will be given after a free-of-charge quotation (contact). All sent texts will be dealt with as confidential even if we won’t start cooperating at the end.

Interpreting, searching for the business partners

Interpretation/research on the specified task are settled according to an hourly rate. I live in Warsaw, but I can work in any other localization after a previous agreement. The client incurs the travel and accommodation costs (except for the interpretation services provided in Warsaw, Krakow and Przemyśl, where the cost of the accommodation is not a factor), agreed on in advance. Taking into consideration the variety of interpretation’s types, fees are to be agreed after precising its details (contact).

I work on base of a specific-task contract or VAT invoice.