Folk węgierski w Krakowie

7 grudnia w godz. 18.00-24.00 odbędzie się w Krakowie (Kontakt. Przestrzeń ruchu i tańca, Szpitalna 40) lekcja węgierskiego tańca ludowego i impreza folkowa, na którą można zapisywać się poprzez wydarzenie na Facebooku.

18:00-19:30 Hungarian authentic dance basics for group for max 20 people (5 PLN/person, childrens are welcome too)
20:00-22 Folklor party with Hungarian Alter/Folk Music (5 PLN/person, up to 100 participant)
22:00-24 Afterparty with Hungarian Alternative/Pub music

According the limited space please register with the Vote function below (Codes: 1. Teaching only 2. Folkparty only. 3. Both event)

– The lession will be for absolute begginners.
– The dances will be in pair, but individuals are welcome (hey boys, good opportunity :)
– Bring comfortable summer shoes (no sport, no highheel)
– Beause the location is a Dance studio please pay attention of the clean floor – barefoot is allowed.
– The teachers will be Hungarian dancers who can speak basic Polish next to the English.
– There are two toilets where the dress can be changed.
– No bar, bring your own Drink and food for the Event.

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