Letnie kursy języka węgierskiego w Debreczynie i Budapeszcie

Dla tych, którzy chcieliby wykorzystać część wakacji na naukę języka węgierskiego, Debreceni Nyári Egyetem (Uniwersytet Letni w Debreczynie) ma ofertę w dwóch ośrodkach – w Debreczynie i Budapeszcie:

In 2013, Debrecen Summer School will remain happy and dedicated to serve students with the course structure designed in 2012. The gist of this new arrangement is that, compared to the practice of previous years, the Debrecen institution will try to meet its customers’ expectations by offering more compact and homogeneous study groups at courses launched more frequently through the academic year. Launched at prearranged levels, the one-week SUPER-INTENSIVE courses will include 50 class units and put the main emphasis on language learning. The two-week SUPER-INTENSIVE PLUS course will provide 80 class units of language instruction and the program will also include certain cultural events. Summer is still the peak season of DSS’s activities. This is the period when we play host to the most foreign students for the 120-class unit or the two 60-class unit INTENSIVE CLASSIC courses melding language learning with a broad range of cultural activities. Two-week and four-week courses titled INTENSIVE CLASSIC JUNIOR and designed for children will remain on offer in 2013. Foreign citizens coming to study or work in Debrecen in ever increasing numbers will benefit from the spring and fall SEMESTER COURSES. An entirely flexible format, PRIVATE TUTORING will be readily available all year round. In operation since 2002, our BUDAPEST LANGUAGE SCHOOL has strived to meet the needs of its students based in the municipal area of our capital and it will do so in the future. The scope of programs launched in FOREIGN VENUES will be expanded, as will the list of the so-called THEMATIC COURSES, which cover various aspects of Hungarian culture.


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