Odwiedź Pécs w 2013 roku

New York Times w zestawieniu 46 miejsc, które należy odwiedzić w 2013 roku na 38 miejscu umieścił Pécs, pisząc o nim tak:

This Austro-Hungarian city, 125 miles south of Budapest and a stone’s throw from the Croatian border, has always been at the intersection of Catholic, Muslim and Hungarian-Croatian cultures. Its narrow lanes are lined with buildings in myriad styles, from the Baroque designs of the 19th-century Habsburgs — in pinks and yellows, dappled with carved ornamentation or covered in Hungarian tile — to an Ottoman bathhouse and other remnants of the Turkish occupation. After being chosen as a 2010 European Culture Capital, the city underwent a growth spurt, with the opening of the modernist 1,000-seat Kodaly Concert Center and the sprawling Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, a venue for art, music and children’s events in an overhauled porcelain factory. Everywhere, visitors will find buffed and burnished public squares awaiting them. 

To tylko kolejny argument, by dołączyć Pécs do swojej listy obowiązkowych punktów na mapie Węgier.