a translator with passion

I have spent almost three years living and studying in Hungary as the scholarship holder of Polish and Hungarian Ministry of Culture (a six-months Hungarian Language and Culture scholarship, ELTE, Bölcsészettudományi Kar, Budapest; a monthly Intensive Summer Hungarian Language and Culture Course,Debrecen; a ten-months Hungarian Language and Culture Course, Balassi Intézet, Budapest; a ten-months Programme of Translation of Literary Works, Balassi Intézet).

tłumacz języka węgierskiego

I have got my master’s degree from Jagiellonian University, Chair of Hungarian Philology by writing my thesis on linguistics (English-Hungarian-Polish Dictionary of Customs, Taxes and Insurances), in which I have analyzed the specificities of law and economics in three languages. To prove my language skills I also passed the ECL exam (State Accredited Language Examination) at the C1 level in Hungary in 2009.

The literature, literary translation and theatre are my three great passions. I have completed the postgraduate Programme of Translation of Literary Works – my graduation work was the translation of the screenplay written by the one of the modern Hungarian playwrights.

I am one of the prizewinners of three competitions of literary translation from Hungarian to Polish, organized by Hungarian Cultural Institute in Warsaw. Owing to that fact I had the pleasure to participate in translation workshop that took place in Hungarian Translation House (Balatonfüred) in 2008, 2009 and 2010. I was awarded with the second prize in the literary works translation competition (Balassi Intézet, 2009). I had also a chance to develop my translation skills as a participant of literary translations workshop in Nagykovácsi (József Attila Kör Műfordítói tábora). Being awarded with honorable mention in literary translation from English to Polish (Festiwal Puls Literatury) enabled me to take part in literary translations workshop in Łódź (2010).

To use my skills in practice I have started to work as a translator and interpreter at the third year of my studies. Thanks to that fact I have gained extensive, diverse and reliable professional experience.

Not only the foreign languages and literature are my great hobby – I am also a passionate of the classical music. The knowledge and experience that I gained by graduating from the music school after twelve years of learning there enable me to translate in subjects connected to the classical music and its theory.